End trimming unit IN-801

End trimming unit IN-801

Code: 11425

Product Specifications

Cuts the excess edge at the front and rear of the panel.
Complete with 2 0.8 kW high frequency motors 12000 RPM each, equipped with blades.
The cut can be straight or inclined with an angle between 0 and 15 degrees: this angle is displayed on a graduated scale.
– Great reliability and precision thanks to the sliding of long recirculating ball slides
on guides linear.
– Suction system with hoods integral with the motors.

If integrated with compatible models of Biesse machines, the group can also have the following characteristics:
– Pneumatic inclination with 2 positions with pre-selection of the cutting angle from the control panel.
– Device selectable from the control panel for exclusion or independent inclination of each motor.
– FLEX system for trimming with controlled protrusion: allows you to adjust the cutting position of the blades from the control panel to obtain a predefined edge protrusion. Ideal in applications that also require the rounding function, particularly on soft/post-formed panels.


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