Thanks to a long-term working experience in the market of machines and plants for the woodworking process, today Techwood is able to provide assistance for:

We availing ourselves of specialized technicians to guarantee the assembly and installation of machinery and/or complete plants always following the technical instructions for the assembly of every single machine.

We are able to offer a test of the machines to ensure its correct mode of operation.

All machines are carefully dismantled, according to the specific instructions of the machine, and thus to be better prepared to the loading and transport.

Starting from the disassembly of the machine itself, we can provide a prefect coordination of the haulage by land, by air or by sea.

The close relationship with international transport companies and with qualified technicians, ensures the maximum security and reliability of transport.


The detailed check of the machine is guaranteed thanks to a strong and close collaboration with the best professionals in the field.
Complete revisions and renewal of the machines, which could be modified to satisfy all specific needs of the customer.

In particular, Techwood offers the opportunity of having:

  • Revisions of mechanical/electrical parts for any type of woodworking machine(ex. glue tank, vacuum pump, boring heads, electronic control)
  • Modification or replacement of specific components or aggregates
  • Customization of the configuration of the machine following the requests of the customer (ex. addition/removal of boring heads in CNC working center or in boring machine, addition/removal operatings in squaring machines or edgebanders)
  • Partial and complete revision for a single machines or for complete plants

Each revision is guaranteed with asseverated reports and with CE certification.

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Second Life

The complete servicing of the machines has been, and it is still now, one of the most important and appreciate services offered by our society. The main objective is to give the client a restored product which is ready for a new second life.

The standard regeneration process provides some functional and aesthetic operations which are made on each machine.
On a case-by-case basis, depending on the type and condition of the components of the specific machines, the mechanical, electronic and electrical parts that will necessarily have to be overhauled or replaced are identified. Here below some example of the main activities conducted during the servicing process:

  • Revision and/or replacement of engines or operating units
  • Complete cleaning and repainting
  • Revision and/or replacement of transport system
  • Revision and/or replacement of loading/unloading systems
  • Revision and/or replacement of vacuum pumps
  • Revision and/or replacement of drilling units in boring machines
  • Revision and/or replacement of boring heads in boring machines
  • Revision and/or replacement of crawlers in squaring machines, edgebanders, squaring-edgebanding machines
  • Revision and/or replacement of electronic control
  • Revision and/or replacement of electronic control
  • Revision and/or replacement of perimeter protection grids
  • New certification according to the CE Marks

After several years of experience, this approach allows us to receive a great and positive feedback from our market, which has recognised our technical knowledge and it has more and more appreciate our offer of a used product with solid guarantees.